VWDB2: A Network Virtual Reality System with a Database Function for a Shared Work Environment

C. Watanabe and Y. Masunaga (Japan)


virtual reality, database, collaborativework, transaction,


To provide a virtual work environment for cooperative work support, the VWDB2 is designed and implemented based on the network virtual reality system architecture. The VWDB2 is different from the traditional network virtual reality system in that it supports a full-scale database function; i.e., not only queries but also update requests are accepted. In order to realize the database function in the VWDB2, the VWDB2 transactions are introduced. It is shown that the VWDB2 transactions are different from the traditional transactions in that the VWDB2 continuous transactions need to relax both the transaction model and the ACID property of transactions. Since the VWDB2 integrates a number of front-end virtual reality systems and a back-end database system via a high speed network, a novel synchronization mechanism to make the state of the virtual world of the VWDB2 clients and the state of the back-end database system consistent is also investigated based on the transaction concept.

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