Optimal Client Constrained Multiplexing: A Linear Programming Approach

O. Hadar and H.I. Stern (Israel)


video rate smoothing, linear programming, optimal multiplexing.


A new algorithm for efficient multiplexing of smoothed video streams through linear programming (LP) is proffered. We review the optimal multiplexing solution for transmission of multiple streams over a CBR network and give some results for real MPEG-1 video sequences. The results of the PCRTT procedure and the optimal multiplexing linear program are compared in terms of peak transmission bandwidth and P-loss performance measures. For several client buffer sizes, the rate obtained by PCRTT was reduced by up to 35% by the LP solution. The multiplexed LP is extended to include client constraints in the form of individual bandwidth and buffer limits. In addition the possibility of placing a preloading time limit on the server is included. For this version a small example is solved to illustrate the procedure. It is noted that the PCRTT method is not appropriate for cases different client rate limits.

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