Vectorization of Structure to Index Graph Databases

S. Srinivasa, S. Acharya, H. Agrawal, and R. Khare (India)


Graph databases, Architecture, Structure vectorization, Information retrieval


This paper addresses the problem of retrieval from graph databases. Graph databases store graph structures in stead of tables. Typically, graph databases are appli cable in domains that require storage and retrieval of structural information. One of the main issues in graph databases is retrieval of member graphs based on structure matching. Structure matching of graphs is a known NP-complete problem. In graph databases, this is com pounded by the fact that structure matching has to be performed against a large number of graphs in the database. This paper addresses graph databases as a domain in dependent concept. They are shown to be defined by a property of dominance of either structure over attributes or vice versa. Retrieval from structure dominated graph databases are much more difficult than retrieval from at tribute dominated graph databases. The paper also pro poses a concept called “structure vectorization” for retrieval for indexing and retrieval from structure dominated graph databases.

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