Exception Specification and Handling in Workflow Management Systems

Y. Song, D. Han, and I. Kim (Korea)


Workflow Management Systems, Exception, Reliability, Event-Transition Approach


Various unexpected events frequently happen in work flow system. Thus workflow system should be equipped with handlers to cope with the unexpected events. But practically we cannot expect for a workflow system to prepare all the handlers for the potentially occurring unexpected events. It is more reasonable to let process designers specify exceptional situations and define corresponding exception handlers at process build time. In there when exceptional events occur, the workflow system detects the exceptions and invokes corresponding exception handlers. To support this mechanism, a work flow system should provide a means to specify exceptions and facilities to detect exception and invoke corresponding exception handlers. In this paper, we devise an exception specification method using event-transition approach and its handling mechanism using design pat tern. Detecting exceptions and mechanism for invoking handling routines are developed and embedded into our research workflow system (ICU/COWS).

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