A Data Model for Reconstructable Kanji Documents using XML

M. Ishikawa, T. Amagasa, K. Hatano, S. Uemura, and T. Katsumura (Japan)


Kanji Document Data Model, Kanji Document Collection Model, Digital Library, XML, Compiling Methods for Kanji Document Data


Many classic documents in East Asia are digitized as image and text data. These digitized documents are open to public on the Internet. In this paper, we propose a data model to manage image and text data related to a kanji document, and propose its operations to reconstruct kanji document data for users. Our proposed model consists of a kanji document data model and a kanji document collection model. The former model manages the image of a page of an original document and text data related to the page. The latter model manages a set of data following the kanji document data model. The operations of our model include kanji document data retrieval, kanji document data browsing, extracting information from these data, and managing extracted information. We implemented a prototype system using our model. We compare our model with other system of digital libraries for kanji documents for evaluating our model.

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