Online Analytical Mining for eSignature

J. Fong and S.K. Cheung (PRC)


: Biometrics Research, eSignature, Online Analytical Mining, Metadata Frame, Neural Network


In our research, it is in connection with the field of biometrics. The biometrics research consists of fingerprint scans, retina scans, voiceprint analyses, and so on.[1] A handprint signature will be collected from a cardholder when filling out the application form and formularized to an electronic signature. This eSignature will then be transmitted and stored into meta-data frames of data warehouse. We will extract the eSignature that is a group of numbers from the warehouse. This group of numbers is the factor in proceeding the Online Analytical Mining (OLAM) [2]. In our case study, we use the Internet as a network channel. We will use the technique of online analytical mining to justify the eSignature. Our neural network system in the card center will learn a sample eSignature and make a decision on a tested eSignature whether it is correct or not. Once the tested eSignature is examined by the system, this eSignature will become a record on our system. We will store it for next evaluation of a tested eSignature in case of failure of a first round test with the initial eSignature. The second round test will be up with the latest eSignature with positive result.

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