A Study of a Parallel I/O Approach for SMP Clusters

L. Li and X. Li (PRC)


Parallel I/O, SMP cluster, ROMIO


In this paper, we report an empirical study on a proposal for efficient parallel I/O, targeted at SMP/Linux (Beowulf SMP) clusters. We implement part of our proposal into a parallel I/O library in terms of a modification to ROMIO, and we compare the collective I/O performance of our I/O library with that of ROMIO, which employs the Extended Two-phase Method, and with that of the direct access method in some typical data distributions. Because we have only partly implemented our proposal, the performance of our library and that of ROMIO are nearly equal in our experiments. But after respectively inspecting the I/O and communication bandwidth delivered in the two libraries, we can conclude that, compared to the well-known Extended Two-phase Method, our parallel I/O method delivers the optimal in both of these two bandwidths and thus outperforms the Extend Two-phase Method in conducting collective I/O in SMP/Linux clusters.

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