Efficient Multipath-based Multicasting onWormhole-routed Star Graph Interconnection Networks

N.-C. Wang, C.-P. Chu, and T.-S. Chen (PRC)


Multicast, multipath routing, parallel computing, star graphs, wormhole routing.


The star graph interconnection network has been rec ognized as an attractive alternative to the popular hypercube network. In this paper, we address a multipath based multicast routing model for wormhole-routed stargraph networks, propose two efficient multipath routing schemes, and present the performance of the proposed schemes in contrast with our previous work. Both of the two proposed schemes are proved deadlock-free. The first scheme, simple multipath routing, uses multiple in dependent paths for concurrent multicasting. The second one, two-phase multipath routing, includes two phases: source-to-relay and relay-to-destination and, for each phase, the multicasting is proceeded using simple multipath routing. Experimental results show for small message startup latencies the performance of our proposed schemes is evidently superior to that of previous schemes.

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