QoS Path Routing based on Capacity to Link Ratio in Networks

S. Rajasekhar, B. Lloyd-Smith, and Z. Tari (Australia)


QoS routing, capacity, networks, hopcount


QoS routing is the process of selecting the path to be used by the packets of a flow based on their QoS requirements, such as bandwidth or delay. Existing QoS routing solutions provide an effective way of dealing with the selection of QoS paths; however, even though there exist paths with more available capacity, these are not taken into consideration. Our approach deals with such a limitation by computing paths with maximal path-capacity-to-hop count ratio from a given source node to all other nodes. The complexity of the proposed algorithm is Ο(M ⋅ H), where M is the number of edges and H is the diameter of the network. We provide a formal proof demonstrating that the proposed algorithm actually computes the path with maximal available capacity to hop count ratio.

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