VIDI: Visual Specification for Integration of Distributed Dissemination-based Information Sources

Y. Watanabe, Y. Okamoto, H. Kitagawa, and Y. Ishikawa (Japan)


Distributed Database, Information Integration, Information Delivery, Visual Specification


Recent developments in Internet technology have made available a huge amount of distributed heterogeneous information sources. They include a variety of dissemination-based information sources, which actively and autonomously deliver information from servers. Examples are push-based information delivery, data broad casting, and messages from mailing-lists. We have developed a mediator/wrapper-based information integration system to integrate these sources. The system allows users to define new information delivery channels, integrating multiple dissemination-based information sources. This paper proposes VIDI(Visual Integration of Dissemination-based Information sources), a visual specification scheme to express integration requirements for the system. VIDI extends the QBE-style specification by incorporating a Temporal Condition Box to visually represent temporal integration requirements and information delivery schedules. The paper also describes how the visual specification is processed in the system.

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