Can-follow Concurrency Control

P. Liu, S. Jajodia, P. Ammann, and J. Li (USA)


can follow, concurrency control, transaction processing


We present an efficient protocol which permits a trans action to read (write) an item write-locked (read-locked) by another transaction with almost no delays when there is a specific readset-writeset relationship, namely, can-follow, between the two transactions, and they arrive at the system in a desired order. One transient old committed version for some data item is kept for read purpose. This approach mitigates the lock contention not only between update and read-only transactions, but also between update and update transactions. This approach is simple (i.e., it is built on top of 2PL and needs only one list for each active transaction to maintain the can-follow relationship), flexible (in terms of the number of versions maintained and the amount of can-follow relationships used), efficient, and can be easily extended to distributed database environments.

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