Minimize the Execution Time of Distributed Transactions on Heterogeneous Database Systems

J. Cao (Australia), L. Wang, and X. Jia (PRC)


Distributed Database Systems, Transaction Processing, Concurrency Control Algorithms.


A heterogeneous database system integrates pre-existing database systems to support applications accessing more than one database system. Heterogeneous database systems are aimed to provide a correct, reliable and efficient software on the top of individual database systems to sup port global transactions. One of the complex tasks is to design the global transaction management for the efficient transaction processing. In a heterogeneousdata system, a global transaction is composed of a set of subtransactions. Those subtransactions may be very different in their execution times at the individual local database systems. Scheduling concurrent heterogeneous transactions has the great effect on the performance of the multiple transaction processing. Choosing an appropriate execution plan to reduce the total execution time is crucial for the performance of database management systems. In this paper, we investigate the problem of minimization for the response time of global transactions, and measure the execution time under heterogeneous database systems. We indicate that finding the optimal execution of a set of global transactions is a NP-complete problem. Therefore, a near-optimal solution is proposed to im prove the performance of heterogeneous database trans actions.

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