A Mobile Agent Framework for Distributed Network Management

T.I. Wang (Taiwan)


Mobile agent, Network Management, SNMP, MANMP.


In this paper, a two -layer WAN network management framework based on mobile agent is reviewed. By using autonomous mobile agents, this two-layer framework can reduce unnecessary network traffic and provide timely management resources in a LAN. In addition to the management of traditional SNMP devices, this framework provides also the capability of managing heterogeneous hosts by using mobile agents. An experimental Mobile Agent Network Management Protocol (MANMP) is proposed to enhance SNMP and make managed devices more active than passive. By specifying an embedded mobile agent system as one its main components, this protocol is targeted not only for future active devices but also for a variety of mobile platforms. Security capability corresponding to SNMP v3 level will be supported by a two-layer security scheme designed for a distributed mobile agent system.

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