DisCoSim - A Program for Distributed Commit Simulation and Animation

J. Nummenmaa, P. Thanisch, M. Hakala, S. Kari, J. Ränkimies, E. Salminen, O. Ström, P. Tähkäpää, and M. Vakkari (Finland)


distributed commit protocol, animation, simulation


Distributed commit protocols are used at the end of distributed transactions to decide whether to commit or roll back each transaction. The commit protocols are, by nature, voting protocols, where a single No vote leads to an Abort decision, and if all vote Yes, then the decision is Commit. The commit protocols come in many flavors, and their analysis and understanding can be difficult. One way to understand these protocols is by simulation and animation. Although simulation is customarily related to performance studies, our aim is to analyze the behavior of the protocols. Furthermore, we want to be able to control the simulation interactively, and possibly reverse some simulation events. The interaction and understanding of protocols by simulation is based on animation of the events. We present software, which simulates and animates commit protocols, and which provides the user with a possibility to interact with the simulation.

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