The Teacher Side Support in Group-based Software Development Education

A. Hazeyama (Japan)


Software engineering education, Group learning,Webbased collaboration support system


Software development is essentially collaborative work. It is usually conducted in the form of project. In a software project, various types of problems need to be resolved. One approach to acquiring the knowledge necessary for software development in a university education environment is for the students to experience project-based software development. For this kind of education to succeed, the teacher side (teacher and teaching assistants) should support the students’ activities. However in the situation, groups do their exercises in parallel, therefore work of the teacher side is hard. The system should support work of the teacher side as well as groups. From our several years’ experience of practice, we found process and awareness supports were especially crucial for supporting the teacher side work. This paper describes an outline of the class and the requirements for a system for supporting the teacher side work. Then the author describes the support system and several results and issues from its application to the real class.

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