Proxy Caching Algorithms to Reduce Response Delay

Q. Abuein S. Shibusawa, and Y. Ohtaki (Japan)


proxy caching, replacement algorithm, responsedelay time, hit ratio.


Each Internet data request from the end-user can lead to large and variable delays, such slow response times make Internet use undesirable and impractical for the end-users. Most of the replacement algorithms that have been introduced to date have operated by measuring the hit ratio or byte ratio, and then applying the results to reduce the load on the server and the amount of traf fic on the network. Also several algorithms that reduce the time that clients wait to receive their requested data have been studied. In this paper we consider an algorithm of this type. Caching by this algorithm is in accord with time needed for a request to be answered, that is, larger objects that take more time to download are cached while those objects where downloading takes less time are replaced. We show that caching according to object download times reduces waiting times on clients. We also introduce an algorithm that achieves a high hit ratio and byte ratio as well as reducing the amounts of time clients have to wait to receive their requested data. Experiments for several algorithms were carried out with a variety of log files. Our second algorithm achieved high hit and byte ratios in addition to reducing the waiting times of clients when the objects and cache are large.

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