Person-to-Person Information Exchange and Resource Sharing by Using JXTA

T. Numata and Q. Jin (Japan)


Peer-to-Peer, JXTA, Distributed Network Computing, Communication Support, Information Exchange, File Sharing.


Internet provides rich opportunities for people to easily have new encounter and freely communicate with others as well as conveniently access a variety of information. This study aims to propose a new framework for person-to-person information exchange and resource sharing based on the emerging peer-to-peer technology, and to develop an innovative system that supports more sophisticated matchmaking in users’ encounter across the networks to discover a person who satisfy the users’ requirements and may exchange and share information each other. In this paper, we discuss design and development of a prototype system integrated with person discovery, file sharing, and communication support functions, by using JXTA, a peer-to-peer distributed network computing framework.

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