On Interface to Realize Regular Cubic Systolic Array

M. Ishihara, M. Tanaka, and K. Kuriyama (Japan)


Regular Cubic Systolic Array, Systolic Array, Processor Array, Processor Interface, Informatic Cube, Cube World


This paper gives a fundamental theory of a systolic array, which is a high-performance special-purpose processor. The connection interface between processor elements (PEs) that is required in order for it to realize a regular cubic systolic array (RCSA) has been discussed. RCSA is a three-dimensional array on a cubic lattice of single-type PEs having identical cubic shapes and identical connection interfaces of a one-to-one mapping. As the result, we have shown the necessary and suf´Čücient condition for realizing RCSA: The connection interface between PEs is such that each surface of PE is connectable to only one surface.

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