Rapid Prototyping of Replicated Objects in a Cluster of Workstations

W. Zhou and L. Wang (Australia)


Objectoriented design, Distributed objects, Faulttolerant computing, Replication, Cluster of workstations


Fault-tolerant computing features have become a necessary part of modern computing systems. However, building a fault-tolerant system remains as a difficult and challenging task, mainly due to the inherent complexity of fault-tolerant technologies and the lack of easy and efficient tools supporting the development process. This paper describes a tool that mimics the design of the remote procedure call (RPC) system to support the building of replicated objects in a cluster of workstations (COW). The tool includes an interface definition language for describing a replica group, a language preprocessor and a runtime library system. The paper also presents one example and discusses some performance issues for replicated objects.

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