Application-oriented Object Architecture

R.K. Karne, R. Gattu, R. Dandu, and X. Zhang (USA)


AOA, application-oriented, bare machine, computerenvironments.


The evolutionary computer systems and applications growth has been astronomical and spreads across many dimensions. We propose a radical architecture that is in its conceptual phase, which is based on applications and object-oriented paradigm, instead of computer and system environments. In its initial phases, the application-oriented object architecture has a potential of running on a bare machine without any need for a conventional operating system. This approach bundles the operating system facilities needed with its application program and expects the hardware to communicate with software in an intelligent manner. This paper presents the architecture, identifies its issues related to design and implementation and describes its current state. The proposed architecture is currently demonstrated using existing computer environments and small example applications. Further research is in progress to demonstrate complex examples that can be run on the application-oriented object architecture.

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