An Integrated Framework for Heterogenenous Decision Support Systems

H.S. Du, X. Jia, and K. Chen (PRC)


Distributed Computing Technology, Web-based Application, Open Architecture, Interoperability, Decision Support System.


As the Web has become the place for sharing and exchanging information from all over the world, there is a growing need of an open architecture for integration and open interchange among multiple data sources and heterogeneous decision models. In this paper, we propose an integrated framework for Decision Support Systems where data sources and decision models are decentralized and heterogeneously distributed. By combining the distributed technology of Java RMI together with the standard data representation format provided by XML, the proposed framework supports the open architecture for Web-based applications in large. In particular, it aims at separating the data from decision support mechanisms to allow various data sources and decision models to be independent from each other, and hence, easily maintainable. This approach makes Web-based Decision Support Systems extremely flexible and interoperable.

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