Integrated Methodology Allowing Design of ICT Applications based on Business Process Investigation

B. Shishkov and J.L.G. Dietz (The Netherlands)


Modeling; Business processes; Software design; UML; DEMO.


A considerable number of software artefacts that are supposed to support contemporary business processes and are developed at great cost fail to satisfy users. In many cases, the reason for this is the improper reflection of business requirements into software design, which results in lower levels of effectiveness of developed ICT applications. Aiming at aligning business process investigation and software design, we propose a methodology that combines the two. We claim that it is useful for contemporary design of applications, especially when it is essential that they support (effectively) some business processes. The methodology provides an original way of combining several investigation tools (DEMO, Use cases, UML diagrams, Simulation tools), with the particular purpose of basing application development on business process modeling. We illustrate the introduced methodology using a case example.

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