Modelling and Verification of Business Processes

C. Bǎdicǎ and C. Fox (UK)


Business Process Modelling, Verification, Flownomial Calculus


This paper introduces a notation for business process mod elling and shows how it can be used for static verification of business processes under the assumption of single instance executions. Our approach is based on formalizing business process models as flownomial expressions [1]) and evaluat ing them over boolean relations. Its main advantage is sim plicity: it is based on evaluating algebraic expressions to boolean relations. But it is also more restrictive then other approaches because, basically, it can only indicate those input patterns that provided to a process can cause it to en ter an infinite loop without escape or a resource starvation. Nevertheless, this is useful within a tool to check processes, in order to point out problems as early as possible, before running any dynamic simulation.

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