Multi-agent Modelling of Consumer Behaviour: Towards a Generic Cognitive Modelling

L. Ben Said and T. Bouron (France)


Agent-Based Simulation, Cognitive Modelling, Virtual population, Consumer Behaviour.


Theoretical concepts dealing with consumer behaviours are issued from studies led in various research areas: marketing, psychology, sociology and economics. This paper presents a multi-agent simulation of consumer behaviours based on an integrating approach. Our goal is to create virtual populations including several thousands of artificial consumers that exhibit realistic behaviours in the context of a competitive market. These populations are used to test the effects of marketing strategies. Existing consumer behavioural models are not well suited for the realization of such market simulations including a large number of artificial consumers. In this work a consumer behavioural model based on the concept of behavioural attitude is introduced to solve this problem. It proposes to integrate and organize most of the fundamental notions elaborated within the aforementioned research areas. Our model uses a set of basic behavioural attitudes such as imitation, conditioning and innovativeness. This paper shows the correlation and the break of our modelling approach compared with the actual studies, by presenting some simulation results realized by the implemented CUstomer BEhaviour Simulator (CUBES) software based on this model.

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