On the Performance of Mass Conservation based Algorithms for Multi-phase Flows

F. Moukalled and M. Darwish (Lebanon)


Multi-phase algorithms, bubbly flows, air-particle flows.


This work is concerned with the implementation and testing, of four incompressible-segregated multi-phase flow algorithms that belong to the Mass Conservation Based Algorithms (MCBA) group in which the pressure correction equation is derived from overall mass conservation. The pressure correction schemes in these algorithms are based on SIMPLE, SIMPLEX, PISO, and PRIME. Solving two one-dimensional two-phase flow problems spanning the spectrum from bubbly to gas-solid flows assesses the performance and accuracy of the multi phase algorithms. The main outcome of this study is a clear demonstration of the capability of all MCBA algorithms to deal with multi-phase flow situations. Moreover, results displayed in terms of convergence history plots and CPU-times, indicate that the performances of the MCBA versions of SIMPLE and SIMPLEX are very close. As expected, the PRIME algorithm is found to be the most expensive due to its explicit treatment of the phasic momentum equations. The PISO algorithm is generally more expensive than SIMPLE and its performance depends on the type of flow and solution method used.

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