Interactive Surface Creation using a Force Feedback Device

J. Chadha and S.K. Semwal (USA)


3D modeling, haptic, volume visualization, interactive techniques.


Surface extraction or volume visualization has always been a challenge. Even though there has been a lot of research done in this field, it remains an intriguing topic for researchers. The basic questions that are asked are how can the volume be extracted from pictures or other forms of data representations like X-rays, CT scans and how can the extracted volume be made more real? There are techniques that can explore data visually and extract surfaces. However none of these techniques uses additional information of touch and feel or provide an interactive way to input the 3D information for a surface. In this paper we present a haptic method to generate 3D surfaces from a 2D data. The algorithm presented in this paper is in initial stages and has been applied to primitive shapes only.

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