2D, 3D, or 4D CAD- to Model or Not in Architectural, Engineering, and Construction Industry

C.A. Cory (USA)


3D Modeling; Estimation; 4D CAD; Architectural, Engineering and Construction Industry


The transition from traditional graphics into computer graphics over the past decade has brought about a multitude of changes which graphic educators and other graphic professionals have had to address and incorporate into their curriculum or industry. The constant technological changes have industrial professionals and graphic educators asking serious questions, These questions are not easy to answer because the ever evolving integration of Computer Aided Design (CAD) into the architectural and engineering areas has revolutionized the design and construction documentation process. But, when is it cost effective to utilize 2D drawings, 3D Models or try to incorporate 4D CAD in the construction documentation processes, construction management, or in every day business practices? There is no easy answer to this question, but every Architectural, Engineering and Construction (AEC) professional and construction graphic educator has to ask- when to utilize the most technology has to offer and when to get by with minimal standards. This paper will discuss the components of traditional 2D utilization in industry, 3D modeling and how companies are transferring documentation, and introduce 4D CAD in construction communication documentation; then identify when professionals and educators are utilize these different types of drawings in everyday practices.

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