Modelling and Simulation of an Underwater Vehicle Equipped with a Manipulator Arm

M. Amir Hosseini, A. Meghdari, and G.R. Vossoughi (Iran)


Hydrodynamics, Underwater Vehicle, Robotics, Thruster


In this paper , an efficient dynamic simulation algorithm is developed for an Unmanned Underwater Vehicle (UUV) with a manipulator. The manipulator has N degrees of freedom, and has a mobile base. In addition to the effects of mobile base, the various hydrodynamic forces exerted on the system in underwater environment is also incorporated into the simulation. The effects modeled in this work are added mass, viscous drag, fluid acceleration, and buoyancy forces. Also dynamics of thrusters are developed, and an appropriate mapping matrix dependent on the position and orientation of the thrusters on the vehicle, is used to calculate resultant forces and moments of the thrusters on the center of gravity of the vehicle. It should be noted that hull-propeller and propeller-propeller interactions are considered in the modeling too. At the end the result of simulations are presented.

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