Measurements of Mechanical Interactions between a Surgical Instrument and an Organ: Methodological Aspects

P. Dubois, G. Delmar, and G. Picod (France)


biomechanics modelling, surgical simulators, surgical modelling, virtual reality.


The implementation of the force feedback in virtual reality simulators requires the knowledge of the mechanical features of the organic structures and needs therefore an experimental approach of the real. In the surgical domain, particular procedures have to be considered to comply with the operative conditions performed on the living. Having conceived and achieved a device designed for preoperative measurement of the mechanical interactions between the surgical instrument and the organic structures, we detail here the whole of the mechanical components that intervenes in this measurement and the way to cope with each of them. The objective is to define a methodology giving the way to reach the modelling of the mechanical behaviour specific to the different organic structures in the operative cavity. After having briefly reminded previous experimental results obtained on isolated organs, we present next a physical model of one of the targeted organs (the ovary) before giving some results preliminary to the animal experimentation.

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