Modelling of the Behavior of Industrial Solid Waste

J.T. Manzi and A.S. Messias (Brazil)


modelling, estimation, regression method, nonlinear surface.


This paper is concerned with the analysis of the retaining power of nutrients of two typical regional soil used as receptors of industrial waste. Considerations on Spodosoil-Send blended with industrial waste, and its association with the concentration of nutrients from textile waste has been focused. The theoretical approach consists of analysis, model building, identification and optimization procedure, applied to a small amount of the experimental data necessary for a building of an empirical model. The construction of a response surface was performed by means of statistical tools, particularly regression method with a specific strategy using an extended polynomial model, which involves dummy variables. This strategy provides the conditions for the determination of the minimum loss of the nutrients from the blended soil. The results indicate that the methodology developed provides a means for analysis of the behavior of nutrients. The procedure for building of nonlinear surface leads to easy and fast implementation of the algorithm without strenuous computational efforts.

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