Patent Data Models: Study of Australian Nano- and Environmental Technologies

D. Marinova (Australia)


patent model, technological strengths, environmental technologies, nano-technologies


Patent information has been used by economists and researchers in the field of innovation to analyse current and forecast future technological directions. The recent surge in patenting activities in the developed countries reaffirms the strong position the patent system has in a globalised world dominated by market mechanisms. The paper presents an analysis of the technological position of Australia based on a technological strengths model which uses four patent based indicators. These are: technological specialisation index (in order to assess the country’s national technological priorities), patent share (a measure of global impact), citations index (a measure of impact on further knowledge development) and rate of assigned patents (a measure for economic and market potential). The model is applied in the case of Australian patents registered in the USA between 1975 and 2000 in the two emerging fields of nano- and environmental technologies. Both groups of technologies are expected to significantly impact society, the economy and the environment. The main findings from the study are that Australia has potential in both areas but in terms of overall performance its presence on the global arena is relatively small.

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