Error Convergence of Iterative Controller Refinement in Constrained Environment

J. Kovács and U. Kortela (Finland)


Identification, input non-linearity, control, constraint.


In closed-loop iterative controller refinement – where the controller is continuously updated based on the identified process model –, it is advantageous to utilise the same error signal for both identification and control. The convergence of the identification will thus ensure the elimination of the control error. However, in constrained environment – where the control input is subject to severe limitations –, the identification maybe biased and the identification and control errors may be different. The paper investigates the convergence of the identification and control errors in a certain two-degree-of-freedom scheme. The process input is assumed to be subject to both level and rate constraints. The main focus of the paper is on the control performance and the convergence properties when advanced anti-windup compensators are applied.

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