Maths Algorithm Library = MAL: Powerful, Easily-applied, Frillless for $10

P.f. Howden (Australia)


Problem-Solving, Maths-Library, Numerical,Algorithms.


First by crude calculators like later Sinclair then on pocket Sharp PC1500 (10k!) [1], I'd been evolving gentle, wide ranging, compact, effortless no-frills MAL since before 1960s - among the earliest maths library, if not the earliest [2, 2A] - to avoid difficulties and boredom in solving Sustainable Home Engineering or nasty non-linear electronic/mech/tech maths [3,4,5]. To those who routinely MUST solve messy maths rapidly but don't have inclination nor time to learn-how, MAL is indispensable in easy 1-horsepower anglicised BASIC operating alongside the MS-word Manual on any of its PC or MAC Windows, all from a single $10 cheapest-ever uncompressed floppy (merely $5 for students + 3rd world), post included [6,7]. Over 60 MALgorithms include: x!รท^ vast numbers and polys; 2-3D multiplots, slopes; polymaths; integrate/diff; alpha/numeric sort; fast Fourier; time-series; mult-lin-regression; randoms; base change; primefactors to 1013; sophisticated sci-calculator; datafits, splines, least-squares; matrices/determinants; fractions; maxmin; interpolate; mixed equation systems of linear/nonlin algebraic + any-order ODEs, BVs, eigen values, exotic drive functions; statistics 1, 2; centuries calendar + moonphases.

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