To Merge a Mission Oriented AP with a Elecronic Data

J.C. Lin and H.H-S. Hsieh (Taiwan)


E-data (Electronic Data), MOAP(Mission Oriented Application Program), IW (Information Warfare),UML (Unify Modeling Language).


This paper is major in hiding a Mission Oriented Application Program(MOAP)in E-data. The process is based on Information Warfare defense and counter-attack conducts. How to create a security E-data for a company? How to detect the intercept on a networked path? We issue the mechanism of E-data detection and counter-attack with virus and backdoor concepts. We will also discuss about packing some virus to avoid scanning by anti-virus software. In this study, we have to assume the role of a hacker or virus-maker in order to design a counter-attack strategy. In general application, this technique may be used in anti-copied scope.

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