Optimising Loop-gain-poles Product for the Design of Negative Feedback Amplifiers by using Symbolic Simulation

L.A. Sarmiento-Reyes (Mexico), E. Yildiz, C.J.M. Verhoeven, and A. van Staveren (The Netherlands)


Design-automation, Structured Design, Symbolic Analysis Applications


Using the nullor as a basic block for the design of high performance negative-feedback amplifiers involves the optimisation of the bandwidth by resorting to the merit figure of the Loop-gain-PolesProduct (LP product). The LP prod uct is a very simple measure of the bandwidth capability of an amplifier circuit and its determination usually results in cumbersome calculations, specially when the expression of the involved transfer functions become too complex to be manipulated. Moreover, these calculations have place of ten within an iterative loop where several orders are tested. This paper introduces a symbolic-oriented method for the determination of the LP-product, which gives more insight to the designer about the parameters that have more influence on the LP product.

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