Measurements of Wide Band Exposure to Electric and Magnetic Fields under Transmission Lines

T. Keikko, T. Sauramäki, S. Kuusiluoma, and L. Korpinen (Finland)


Transmission Line Modelling, Electric and Magnetic Field, Field Exposure Measurement.


As the interest regarding the possible health effects of electromagnetic fields has increased, more and more information of specific exposure situations is being gathered. The aim of this paper is to study wide band exposure to electric and magnetic fields under 400 kV transmission lines in Finland. The reference levels with the exposure recommendations of the Council of the European Union for the general public are 100 µT and 5 kV/m (at 50 Hz). Measurements were carried out with a high-pass filter. The total number of magnetic field measurements under 400 kV transmission lines was 21. Measured values did not exceed the recommendation for magnetic field exposure whereas the recommendation for electric field exposure was exceeded in 7 measurements.

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