Parametric Analysis and Economic Considerations on the Design of Large Power Transformers

C. Boccaletti, V. Callea, S. Elia, M. Sabene, and P. Sordi (Italy)


Transformers, Parametric Analysis, Economic Evaluation


In this paper, two different design procedures of large power transformers have been analysed and discussed. The designer must establish several main parameters of the transformer as the current density, the peak flux density or the core material. In the first case considered, the losses are not fixed a-priori by the customer, and the designer must keep the cost of both the on-load and no load losses into account. The aim is to obtain the minimum total capitalisation cost (Free losses). In the second case, the designer is required to respect assigned values of the losses (Fixed losses). A software programme for a detailed design of the transformer has been previously developed. By means of this tool, geometrical and physical quantities of all the machines that meet the constraints have been calculated. The analysis of the results allowed understanding the incidence of the various quantities on the industrial cost of the machine. This is an important aspect from the point of view of the economical and financial strategies.

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