Modelling, Simulation and Control of Contact Interaction in the Perspective of a Single Axis Robotic System

A. Vaz and A. Singla (India)


Bond Graphs, Contact Interaction, Force Control, Modelling of Physical Systems


In this work, the mechanism of contact interaction has been explored while respecting the causality of the robot and the environment and has been presented in generalized form. In the framework of the proposed mechanism of contact interaction, a control strategy based on the impedance control approach has been presented for controlling contact interaction of a single axis robotic system with an unknown environment. An experimental test rig for single axis robotic manipulation has been developed. Modelling of this test rig has been carried out using Bond Graphs. Simulation results show the efficacy of the proposed control strategy during the three phases of any manipulation task i.e. free space move, impact with the environment and application of desired force.

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