A Genetic Algorithm to Calibrate the Rainfall-runoff Model of Tiber Catchment

M. Conti, M. Ferrante, and F. Savi (Italy)


Rainfall-runoff models, genetic algorithms, parameterestimation.


In this paper a genetic algorithm is applied to calibrate a rainfall-runoff model for different watersheds in Tiber valley with the aim of quantifying the uncertainties in the parameter estimation of the precipitation-runoff model. The values of the parameters are estimated by assuming the least square errors between computed and measured discharge hydrographs. The hourly rainfall series for each watershed are estimated by applying a multi-criteria analysis on the basis of few recording gauges. In some cases the discrepancies between the reconstructed rainfall temporal pattern and the observed hydrographs induce to change the objective function or to modify the hyetograph in order to obtain a more realistic parameter estimation.

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