Multi Dimensional Combustion Modelling in a Homogeneous S.I. Engine

G. Bella, V. Rocco, and V. Russo (Italy)


Spark Ignition Engine, Combustion, Flamelet


The performance levels required of gasoline engines have been rising with each passing years. Recently attention have been focused on factors than reduce gas emissions, increase power and improve efficiency. The optimization of the combustion phase seems to be a necessary goal to increase power and to reduce the emission level. Starting from this consideration appear clear how the use of a 3D C.F.D. computational can be a useful design tools to understand and correlate and complex phenomena that occur inside the engine during the whole cycle. In this paper the intake and combustion phase are analyzed. For the combustion phase a new model has been used to simulate the spark ignition, while an improved version of Coherent Flame Model is used for combustion analysis. As is well known the main assumption for this model is that combustion occur in homogeneous conditions and can be described with flamelet type combustion model. The predictive capability of the model has been evaluated by comparing numerical results with experimental ones.

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