Management of Radio Waste in Italy Economic and Risk Analysis

C. Vitolo and P. Massacci (Italy)


radioactive waste, location-allocation,risk, environmental impact


The aim of this work is to present a way to minimise the risks in radioactive waste transportation have been underlined, starting from the complex and dangerous practicability of the road network of Italy, which unroll close to numerous towns into densely populated regions. Attention will be focused on the main parameters and their influence on the prediction of results. The list of the supply centers (for the disposal of the radioactive waste) and of the demand ones (where radioactive waste are actually stored or where they will be produced in future) has been taken into consideration at first. The impedance of every arc of the Italian road network has been determined taking into consideration economy, environmental impact and safety in transportation. The aspect of the safety has been considered through a risk analysis, keeping esteem of the numerousness, probability and dangerousness of the critical events that could verify on the road.

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