Image Retrieval System based on Colour Histogram Localization and Colour Pair Segmentation

J.Q. Odeh, M. Othman, H.F. Ahmad, and R. Johari (Malaysia)


Histogram Localization, colour pair,CBIR, city block, density slicing.


Techniques to identify objects within an image and searching for similar objects in the database is not claiming a lot of progress and to achieve good results for such approaches, we need new techniques and algorithms in image processing and computer vision. While, general object recognition still difficult, it is easy and practical to capture and use some image features like colour distribution to identify objects with some accuracy. In our paper we used the histogram localization combined with the colour pair segmentation as a new technique to extract the image features, which can be used in content-based image retrieval system. We tried to overcome problems related to the original colour pair segmentation, as well as overcome problems related to the computational complexity in histogram localization through proposing density slicing or multiple thresholds. In this paper new techniques proposed, new ranking formula, and a complete framework with the interface consideration.

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