IR Image Modelling using Two-dimensional Fast Orthogonal Search (2D-FOS)

E. Abdelkawy and D. McGaughey (Canada)


Fast orthogonal search, IR images, multiple hot-spot target.


The intensity pattern of a long-range, or small extended, infrared (IR) image target can be accurately modeled as a bivariate Gaussian (BG) function. In target tracking application using the IR images, the parameters of the target intensity profile are estimated in order to track the target. In this paper, the two dimensional fast orthogonal search (2D-FOS) is introduced as a method to model the intensity pattern of the small-extended IR target. We demonstrate that 2D FOS can accurately model the BG target intensity profile in the cases of (i) very low signal-to-noise S/N ratio, (ii) multiple hot-spot target, and (iii) targets located at the edges, or the corners, of the image.

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