Estimation of Motion and Disparity: Comparison of Multi-Camera Setups

H. Scharr and R. Kuesters (Germany)


optical flow, multiple equidistantly spaced cameras, disparity, depth, 3D reconstruction


An algorithm for simultaneous estimation of optical flow and disparity in multi camera sequences is presented and evaluated for different camera setups. The key idea in the algorithm is to interpret sequences of 2 or more cam eras as one 4-dimensional data set. An extended brightness change constraint equation (BCCE) is established in this 4D space combining changes due to object motion and different camera positions. It is an extension to the parameter estimation framework presented in [8] which is used for the estimation. A performance evaluation of systematic errors and noise stability for 3 setups with equidistantly spaced cameras is shown for synthetic sequences as well as results on real data.

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