Target Location Task with Omnidirectional Vision System

J. Okamoto, Jr., V. Grassi, Jr., F.M. Cunha, and L.A. Moscato (Brazil)


Omnidirectional vision, target location, hyperbolic mirror, CCD camera.


Omnidirectional vision systems provide a 360º field of view in a single image. This type of vision system is very well suited for controlling mobile robots in vision directed tasks because in a single image sample all the surroundings of the robot can be viewed without any camera movement. The processing of this type of image requires more computational power than the processing of a normal perspective image. However, today’s computers have enough processing power to use this type of image in robots tasks successfully. This paper presents the developed omnidirectional vision system and the implementation of a simple task that is a target location for further use on a target following task.

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