Color Demosaicing in YUV Color Space

J. Mukhopadhyay (India), M.K. Lang (Germany), and S.K. Mitra (USA)


Digital Color Imaging, Color Interpolation, Color Demosaicing, Color Filter Array (CFA), RGB color space,YUV color space, Discrete Cosine Transform (DCT), Subband DCT.


In a single-chip digital color imaging sensor, a color filter array (CFA) is used to obtain sampled spectral components (red, green and blue) in an interleaved fashion. Color demosaicing is the process of interpolating these regularly spaced sampled values into the dense pixel maps for each spectral components. In this paper we present techniques for interpolating the color images in the YUV color space. The resulting interpolated images could be directly used in the DCT based JPEG compression scheme. As the final results are desired in the DCT space, we have also used the concept of subband DCT computation for interpolating the individual components of color images in the DCT domain. Based on a simple strategy for computing Y, U and V components, several modifications are also proposed for improving the quality of the reconstructed images. We have observed that median filtering of the chrominance components improves the end results remarkably.

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