Connecting a Three-dimensional Model, a Map and a Database to an Information System for Mobile Users

T. Vainio, O. Kotala, I. Rakkolainen, and H. Kupila (Finland)


3D graphics, mobile multimedia, usability, navigation,GPS


A 3D revolution has taken place during the last few years, and it is shifting towards hand-held devices. For many applications, a three-dimensional representation improves a usability of information. This paper introduces a prototype of a city information system, 3D City Info, which utilizes three-dimensional city model, a map and a database, which contains information from the same area. In addition, we have built a fully working mobile laptop version of the 3D City Info with an integrated GPS receiver for our field tests. Our main purpose was to study advantages and disadvantages of a three-dimensional model as a part of city information system and usability issues in navigation and way finding in a three-dimensional city model that is connected in real-time to a map, and to a database. An experiment examining the impacts of three-dimensional city model as a part of a mobile city information system is presented. The three-dimensional model appears to illustrate motion and change of location more clearly than two-dimensional map alone.

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