A Radiation Risk Recognition Aided System using CG Technology

M. Katagiri, Y. Tuzuki, S. Sawamura, and Y. Aoki (Japan)


visual information systems, computer graphics, hazardous environment, radiation risks


Defined as the ability to integrate with three-dimensional, interactive and computer-generated environments, the technology of computer graphics (CG) has been in great progress and has proven to ve a valuable took for a broad variety of fields, including nuclear engineering. To work in any hazardous environment for example radiation field is particularly challenging because the danger is not always visually apparent and the methods of radiation management is not easy to understand. As the application of CG to nuclear engineering field, this study proposed to develop a radiation risk recognition aided system in which various radiation information, radiation risks, radiation distribution,, hazard information and so on were visualized by CG. The system was built by JAVA and used the server and client system. In the server there were two parts; one (main-server) was the database part having various data and the other (sub-server) was the visualization part visualizing the human phantom by POV-Ray. In the client there was the input and output part. The system displayed the simulated results obtained by the radiation simulator (EGS-4) without any changing simulator itself, therefore, it is possible to use in various computer-generated environments.

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