Manipulation of Complex 2D/3D Scenes on Mobile Devices

Z. Mikovec (Czech Republic), M. Klima (Germany), and P. Slavik (Czech Republic)


Data Treatment and Visualization, Mobile Environment, Adaptation, 3D models, Collaborative work


Several important problems in the area of mobile visu alization and adaptation are discussed. Focus is laid on manipulation of complex 3D scenes on mobile devices. The common visualization process is enriched by the ability of dynamic distribution of the visualization proc ess between client and server and by information adap tation functionality. A new approach to the adaptation process is introduced and implemented. It is based on semantic description of graphical information (MPEG 7). This semantic description is used to provide more powerful information adaptation that allow more effec tive presentation and manipulation with complex graphical information on PDAs. Moreover the problems of collaborative work in mobile environments in con junction with adaptation are discussed.

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