VIZARD-EXPLORER: A Tool for Visualization, Structuring and Management of Multimedia Data

H. Rehatschek, G. Kienast, and A. Wertner (Austria)


Digital video, visualization, navigation, browsing, storysketching,


The price for digital cameras (for still images as well as for videos) has significantly dropped over the period of the last few years. In parallel tremendous advances have been made in the standardization of storage formats and high-compression codecs for digital images and digital video. The demand for organizing, managing, searching and visualizing within multimedia content (audio, video, images but maybe also documents related to images, videos) is automatically generated with growing amounts of produced data. We propose a tool the VExplorer, respectively - which offers functionalities strongly related with the management and organization of multimedia content. Features of the VExplorer include new navigation concepts within digital video essence (O-M images), an interface for creating sketches, a search interface (content based retrieval & text) and a visual browsing tool for large archives.

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